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terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

Dama do Bling - Longa Espera

I am a woman and I have a story to tell
many of you are going to identify yourselves with me
my story is sad, and someone needs to listen to me
because this life only who’s passing trough it knows

I married, had kids and i have a happy home
but lately i confess, i can’t sleep anymore
my husband could finally get a job
He is a night watchman, a work to who’s not afraid but

me? who stays all night like this
praying that this long night ends
I pray that he return home complete and alive
he protects other lives, and ours? who takes care?

and at the silence of the night, the sound of a gun fired
and if that bullet crosses your path crosses your path
and if the stray bullet on the air finds a life
and if it is my husband’s life, what do I do with mine?!

and every night I prepare him a lunchbox
it takes the heat of my love, but he'll eat it cold
and coffee that he holds, doesn’t work anymore
and I think on a way to alleviate his suffering

and how can I sleep, if my husband is awake
how can I warm up if he is cold and suffering in silence
how can I lay, if he spends all night standing
and how can I complain if the job sustains us

and if on that night happens a robbery or an assault
if he gets threatened, beaten or even ambushed
if he has to deal with marginals or thieves or whatever
who’s going to give him relief, who’s going to help him?

and if it dawns, and he is late and I despair
do not know if look for him or stay home and wait for him
I do not know if I hope he enters the door
do not know if at dawn, I’m going to have my husband back

and our children only ask about their father
(mom, I miss father so much, what time he'll come back?
he came back so tired yesterday, is father ok?)

and I say that yes, that he went to work
so they can have the chance to study in turn,
that their father is a good man and that God will help him
and that they could play together at the weekend,

and I, just ask God to protect my husband
to look for him as a father looks for his son
I should not complain, because life is so hard,
no job is chosen, we live a big fight

and every night this is my long wait
8 hours of work that seem like a lifetime
It’s 6:45, my heart calms down
Once again, my husband has returned home

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