tudo fica bem quando chega ao fim... se nao estiver bem é porque ainda nao chegou ao fim

sexta-feira, 23 de abril de 2010


o cd "DIFERENTE MAS IGUAL" da Dama do Bling ja esta em Luanda
atraves do Dino Cross voce ja pode adquirir o cd da artista ou ainda na loja da STROMP

nova musica da Jutty

DAMA DO BLING AGENCIA E MANINGUE MUSIC tem levado os seus planos de vento em pompa.
semana passada UTTY best R&B artist gravou o seu mais recente trabalho " TONIGHT" com participacao da Dama do Bling e Imo Cabir.

brevemente as musica estara nas radios e ja se projecta um video clipe

quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

os toques que vao mudar a sua vida

ja pode ter as musicas da dama do bling no seu celular
so ligar escolher o codigo da sua canção preferida

segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

entrevista para o Museke Online

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Chit-chat: Mozambican rapper Dama Do Bling
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By Museke - Posted on March 2nd, 2010
Tagged: African hip hop • African hip-hop • fans • hip hop • hip-hop • interview • Mozambique • Mozambique

The multiple Channel O Music Video Award winning artiste, Dama Do Bling (Ivannea Mudanisse) of Mocambique, has endeared herself to many African music fans with her rapping style, word flow, swagger and music videos. Recently, she's been collaborating with musicians from other African countries, such as Sasha P from Nigeria and Bleksem from South Africa. She's probably one of the most popular Portuguese rappers in the whole world. caught up with her to inquire about a few things that had her in the news, her music, and her future plans. Read the chat transcript below. Hello, how are you doing?
Dama Do Bling: I'm fine, thank you. Can you tell us a little about your background and family?
Dama Do Bling: I was born in October 1979, I was the first child. I was raised by my grandpas in chamanculo in the suburbs. In fact, I was born in chamanculo hospital. I have a brother and a sister, my brother is a hip hop singer also, my sister nope … How did you get the name Dama Do Bling?
Dama Do Bling: I love bling bling.. everything that shines just turn me up.. so dama means lady.. I called my self lady of the blings.. dama do bling How did you get interested in rapping?
Dama Do Bling: When I was young like 14.. 15 I used to imitate lady of rage, eve, da brat…so I’ve been in this thing for a while.. we had those afternoon session where we could imitate our idols. Which musicians (African or foreign) did you listen to growing up?
Dama Do Bling: I like classic music.. like joan amstrong, jim reeves, Barbra Streisand, nat king cole, julio englesias etc.. my parents used to listen to this kind of music and is the music that I appreciate. What was your first big break in your career?
Dama do Bling: Hmm, I think when I did the mexe mexe song... and the video I think that song was and a huge promotion for me. The song was number one for weeks and till today people think that that one is my best songs. How was it working with Bang Entretenimento?
Dama Do Bling: I really don’t wanna talk about it… Why did you leave Bang?
Dama Do Bling: I really don’t wanna talk about it… Tell us about your most recent album. How was it different from your others?
Dama Do Bling: whoooooooo… my favorite album.. diferente mas igual (diferent but iqual)… 4 diferent songs, and 4 equal songs.. means that 4 are like soul with matters of the society, talking about women, social struggles in life. The other 4 are just club… What is the song Casamento about?
Dama Do Bling: It's about this girl that spends the night with her boyfriend and then someone tells her that her boyfriend is getting married on the next morning. And then she goes there to look him eye to eye so he can tell in her face that it is true. Desabafo had an interesting music video, what was that song about?
Dama Do Bling: It's about this guy who made a mistake and goes to jail. And he says that he is sorry, missing his family, that honesty comes first than money or everything, and he is so grateful cos his wife said that she is waiting for him.. You have been nominated for many Channel O and international awards. How does that make you feel?
Dama Do Bling: VERY NICE mostly because in our own country we don’t get enough recognition and when something like that happens people start to think that maybe we are doing something.. in fact we are. You worked with Bleksem on an MTV project for his Wena Uthini song. Dama Do Bling: How was it working with him and MTVBase?
amazing experience.. cleo, bleksem are nice persons, and the MTV crew were so professional.. I could get some interesting points of views, got good tips things that I can use in my country. Has it become more necessary for Mozambican artists to add more English lyrics to their songs? If so, why or if not, please explain
Dama Do Bling: Language can be an obstacle, but music not.,… its universal.. Of course, sometimes we need people to understand what are we saying.. so not leaving mother language because it's our culture but maybe some words, verses or the chorus in English make it complete. How was it working with Sasha P? You two are arguably Africa’s best female rappers
Dama Do Bling: JUST LOVE MY NAIJA SIS sasha first lady.. we met on channel o, than again on MTV.. I went to Nigeria, she came to Maputo.. we did the song, record the video and the result is obvious… cose we rock hehehehehehheheh People have referred to you as Mozambique's Lil Kim. What do you think about this? Do you think people are mistaking your 'sexiness'?
Dama Do Bling: Not really.. cos I want to give that impression.. but that was when I was young heheheheh. I'm a grown woman now.. I must behave. I think myself as a gorgeous black woman so why not show them a little piece of me? But I guarantee that even that way people can be captured by my thoughts. Which other African musicians do you admire (presently)?
Dama Do Bling: SASHA, P SQUARE, D’BANJ, HHP, GAZZA AND GAL LEVEL You've done songs with many musicians. What are your favorite collaborations?
Dama Do Bling: I can tell that working with Bleksem was great for all that I could learn What advice do you have for Mozambican musicians?
Dama Do Bling: Stop hating.. talk less… do more.. and please, well done. Are you working on a new album? Who's working on it with you?
Dama Do Bling: Not yet.. the last one came on November, so I'm still promoting this one… What challenges do you face in the music industry (piracy, payola (paying deejays to play music), etc)?
Dama Do Bling: Piracy is taking enormous proportions, starting with no respect for our work, a poor country who can't afford buying a original CD.. djs are cool, they play normally.. maybe televisions mcs or the producers sometimes they ….. What is the major revenue generator for Mozambican musicians these days? Shows, concerts or CD sales?
Dama Do Bling: Shows.. we get a lot of money on shows.. people don’t buy cds Any plans on touring the world soon? Where are some of the places you'll be performing this year?
Dama Do Bling: this year, trying to do to places i´ve not been. like tanzania kenya. we are working to make that happen... What are your future plans?
Dama Do Bling: Promote the album of course, I have an agency now.. and we start working with Imo cabir... make a lot of videos and have some featurings also. Do you have any present engagements and works other than music?
Dama Do Bling: I write.. so my second book is coming, I'm a stylist (design). Actually me and my partner Feliciano da camara, we won an award on Mozambique fashion week.. What is one interesting thing about you that some of us fans don't know?
Dama Do Bling: That I'm shy.. so I play gangsta hehehehehheh What are your hobbies and pastimes?
Dama Do Bling: I LOVE MOVIES AND SERIES - csi Miami, las vegas; x files, glee… How can people reach you? Do you have a website?
Dama Do Bling: Right now is under construction but you can find me on Any messages for fans, etc?
Dama Do Bling: I love you all and thanks for everything. I'm tired now.. thanks man… c u Obrigada. Thank you for your time

quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

colecção lagarto- mozambique fashion week

a colecção lagarto do mozambique fashion week foi um sucesso
apresentada no edifício do município da cidade de maputo contou com a presença de varias personalidades
um evento da ddb moçambique com parceria mcel acontece todos os anos

moçambique fashion week

dama do bling e feliciano da camara foram vencedores do mozambique fashion week Mcel- visao futuristica 2050
antecedido de um lançamento com actuacao da artista e as deja vu no indi village
as imagens falam por si

performance na praia - promoção do album

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

novo video coming soon

ON FIRE é o novo video da artista dama do bling que vai estreiar em cadeia nacional ainda neste mes de abril
com participacao da jutyy este tema enquadra o ultimo tema do album "diferente mas igual"

roupas produzidas pela estilista shazia adams
producao dama do bling agencia
edicao e realizacao dx nuvunga

dama do bling agencia e maningue music dao o primeiro passo

sexta feira 09 de abril 2010 a maningue music e dama do bling agencia apresentaram o cd listening do artista imo cabir
o evento aconteceu no club 4u que teve a presença de alguns artitas da praça ziqo, awaio, mollas dentre outros que foram acompanhados pela banda da dama do bling.
a nova aposta vai ser o lançamento do disco do artista e ainda o agenciamento de artistas da praça

dama do bing actua em nacala - nampula

dama do bling actou fim de semana passado em nacala- nampula, show alusivo ao dia da mulher mocambicana.
a artista cantou para quase mil pessoas que se fizeram presente para ouvir temas como
desabafo de um recluso
longa espera
dama fofa
moza girl e
super mulher

O Dia da Mulher Moçambicana é um feriado oficial em Moçambique, celebrado a 7 de Abril, aniversário da morte de Josina Machel, segunda esposa de Samora Machel, primeiro presidente de Moçambique. Josina, que se juntou à Luta Armada de Libertação Nacional ainda jovem, é considerada uma heroína de Moçambique.

sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

museke - melhor musica de hip hop

dama do bling está a concorrer para categoria de melhor artista feminina, para todas as grandes mulheres moçambicanas e do mundo ai vai a letra da musica "super mulher"
Super mulher
Esta mensagem é dedicada a toda mullher
Que tem vontade de vencer que sabe o que quer
Mulher que luta para ter um lugar presente
Mulher que chora e sorri, mostra o que sente
Esta de certeza vai para aquela mulher
Que mesmo injustiçada nunca se deixa abater
Mulher de corpo e alma, mulher dragao
Suave como vento mas vira um furacao
Mulher mae, mulher esposa,
Dona de casa,
Mulher que Sofre, que chora
E sempre cala
Mulher que sente que adora
Mas nunca fala
Mulher que ama, perdoa e nunca se cansa
Mulher que cuida do lar e aquela que trabalha
Mesmo sem armas ela esta pronta pra batalha
Mulher que vence, que luta e as vezes perde
E quando perde levanta a cabeca e segue

Se es mulher batalhadora esforçada poe a mão no ar
Hey hey
Super woman independente vamos todos agora celebrar
Hey hey
Mulher mae, talentosa heroina poe a mao no ar
Hey hey
Super woman independente vamos todos agora celebrar
Hey hey

Esta vai pra aquela mulher que esta no campo
Que levanta logo cedo ao canto do galo
Com enxada nas maos e o seu bebe nas costas
Enfrenta cada dia com com forca de leoa
Mulher que transpira o perfume duma flor
Que conhece o sentido de verdadeira dor
Mulher que carrega uma vida seu ventre
Justifica cada ruga com olhar paciente
Mulher de qualidades mulher de mil defeitos
Mulher de ganhos perdas e de muitos feitos
Companheira fiel sempre estende uma mao
Se mulher é eva, toda eva faz o adao

Se es mulher batalhadora esforçada poe a mão no ar
Hey hey
Super woman independente vamos todos agora celebrar
Hey hey
Mulher mae, talentosa heroina poe a mao no ar
Hey hey
Super woman independente vamos todos agora celebrar
Hey hey

quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

Museke Online Africa Music Awards 2010

pela primeira vez acontece o Museke Online Africa Music Awards 2010 e dama do bling esta nomeada para tres categorias
melhor musica de hip hop
melhor artista femenina
melhor colaboracao com sasha

para votar é so ir ao e ja esta
vote na musica mocambicana